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Update 08/10/2022

Hex beam  since 2010 (12 years K4KIO Hex beam)

2010 - 2014 My K4KIO Hex beam was first installed in Brazil in Belo Horizonte MG and I enjoyed under PY4ZUN 4 years radio with a Hex beam and an IC706MKII

2014 my K4KIO Hex beam was installed for short time in INDIA, New Delhi Region Defence Colony on top of the building and I enjoyed.

2017 until 2019 my K4KIO Hex beam was installed in Czech Republic and I enjoyed as OK8UN

HEXBEAM for 10 - 12 - 15 - 17 - 20 MMANA File

Hexbeam at 8 m (26.2 ft) over ground

Hexbeam at 10 m (32.8 ft) over ground

28.500 khz
24.940 khz
21.200 khz
17.120 khz
14.150 khz




2020 the K4KIO Hex beam has been installed in Germany at our holiday QTH,

2021 I dismantled the Hex beam due to a rotator failure. After dismantling of the antenna some refurbishment work been done.

1. The fiberglass tubes were weathered and beginning to splinter.

2. Center pole wire connector isolator washers damaged (Short circuit resulting sometimes high SWR)

3. Weathered rubber coated, aluminium wire guide

60mm Antenna mast into "GPF-60 Rotor-Platforms" from the Ham shop with a recommended Yaesu top bearing GS-065 able to take an antenna mast of 65mm specially for this platform. The point is that the hole or bore in the support is 63mm. This device is for a Antenna mast of 2 1/4 inch or say 57 mm max (not specified) in order to have space in the bore and to install the top bearing correctly. The specification of the "GPF-60 Rotor-Platforms" don't indicate this, it specify  to suit for a support pipe of 70mm only. In my case I am going to dismantle all and will increase the hole or bore up to 65mm and will but a Teflon bush D65 -  d60 to make this support suitable for my 60mm mast.


2022 DJ9UN

HEX Beam by K4KIO at 8m (26,2 ft) over ground

Around 30m RG213 Coax to the feed point

Rotor YAESU G-1000DXC at the base of the Antenna (ground level)

  20m 17m 15m
  12m 10m 6m

The Hex technology is super and make fun every time using this antenna from 6 - 20m.

All dimensions in cm 6m 10m 12m 15m 17m 20m
Director 151.13 263.00 301.00 361.00 419.00 540.00
Spacer 16.51 32.00 34.50 43.00 49.00 61.00
Reflector 290.58 508.00 565.00 683.00 795.50 1,018.00
Spacer 16.51 32.00 34.50 43.00 49.00 61.00
Director 151.13 263.00 301.00 361.00 419.00 540.00

Ideal height for a Hex beam and other interesting comparisons tests etc you ca find Krainya Website

Ideas to install the HEXbeam

Hexbeam Projects

Monoband Hexbeam 40m Band MMANA file


Hexbeam 20m over ground

Hexbeam 30m over ground

7.150 khz

Hexbeam project dreams

Monoband Hexbeam 80m Band MMANA file (under construction)


I would buy again a K4KIO Hex beam

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