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DARC Website

Tips for DARC Member Website

Instruction for DARC Member Website

Antenna simulation software
MMANA Documentation
HAM antennas and accessoires

Antennas, towers, wires, remote tuners and more

Why a Coax Traps

My QRZ pages


Coax cable


From antenna to adaptation by DK6NR


Best length of the coax cable from the radio to the antenna by DG0KA


Transmission Line Coax Details by N6BV









Calculation Programms by DL5SWB (SK)

Everything about dB; dBμV, dBm, dBi, S-Units, coaxial cable, EIRP/ERP, field strength, SWR Installation german, switchable in the program to German, English or Spanish




Mini Ring Core Calculator 1.2 German English French

User guide Antenna modelling 4NEC2

        4NEC2 by AF7NX

40m parasitic to phased Antenna        40m 2-element Wire Beam by AC0C
2 Band Vertical Antenna         40m and 80m Vertical by DJ9UN
FVR Spitfire Antenna       FVR Spitfire by W1WV and K1VR
  SDR Receivers & DX Clusters      KIWI SDR Receiver  DXSummit - DXHeat - DXMAPS - QRZ DX Cluster - DXFUN
Antennas @ Accessories
Antenna Depo - ON7FU High quality Baluns & more
HF Propagation

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